We produce innovative products that meet special needs of our customers. We try to meet expectations of our customers at maximum level and increase customer satisfaction.

& Efficiency

We closely follow technological developments to decrease costs and increase profitability. As a result, we are producing most accurate and economic solutions in fast way to prevent any nonconformity.


We are complying with applicable occupational health and safety legislation to protect our employees from work accidents and risks and we raise awareness among our employees.

Our Vision
& Our Mission

Fans Group is a multi-national company operating in Middle East and Turkey. We are producing innovative products to meet specific needs of our customers under domestic and international quality standards.

We are for our employees with our “Happy Employees Create Happy Customers” approach. Due to multi-national structure of our Group, we are employing individuals from different countries and cultures. We are creating solutions that meet customer needs with diverse views and experience of our team.

As Fansa Group, we are manufacturing hygienic cleaning towels for household and industrial use.

Our group aims to be one of the best companies in the regional paper cleaning product market.

Compliance with Standards and Constant Development

We are applying domestic and international standards such as Ecolabel, FSC, TSE and Quality Management system and we are making a difference in the market with our products that aim for constant improvement.

Resource Use and Wastes

We are providing solutions to minimise and discard waste to optimally use natural resources, energy and water.

Review and Constant Development

We periodically review our Objectives, Management Systems, Operations, monitor our objectives and ensure constant development.