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Fansa Group

In 2013, the Fansa family, which operates in several Middle Eastern businesses, including the manufacture of hygiene paper, cosmetics, and roads and bridges, combined all of its subsidiaries under the name Fansa Group. Fansa Group began investing in Turkey in 2014 by producing industrial hygiene paper for domestic and international markets in the integrated hygiene paper factory it had acquired in Torbali, Izmir. Fansa Group set out with the goal of bringing its knowledge and experience to various geographies.

Thanks to the semi-finished products manufactured in various spectra for various markets and client needs in the main paper machine, Fansa Group brands have access to a wide product portfolio that provides them a competitive edge in the industrial hygiene paper market. The converting facility produces all rolled and folded product segments of industrial type hygiene paper for both private label clients and Fansa Group brands.

With its brands, Fansa Group, one of the dominant businesses in the area, exports its products to more than 50 countries on 5 continents. In order to achieve its goal of becoming one of the strongest companies in the sector with its cutting-edge products developed by giving market developments and customer expectations priority, Fansa Group continues to make investments in this path and to operate with a consistent and sustainable growth target.

Our Mission

With our sustainable growth strategy and efficiency approach, we hope to supply our clients with high-quality, reliabe products and services that add value. This is only made possible by our engineering and experience. 

Our Vision

To rise to the top among the businesses in each of the industries we service.